San Tomas and Monroe Neighborhood Park and Community Garden

Project Description

San Tomas and Monroe Park is a 2-acre community park that was completed in August 2018. The plan included open play space, a playground, picnic areas, parking lot, dog park and community garden. The irrigation system was designed for future recycled water. The park has access to the San Tomas Creek trail. In 2019, the park was renamed to honor the late Everett N. “Eddie” Souza.

Firm Role

  • Brookwater was a sub-consultant and provided irrigation plans. Complete irrigation design, water calculations per MWELO and the city of Santa Clara, cost estimate, and specifications were provided.
  • The new irrigation system connected to an existing system, so coordination with city staff was essential.
  • City standards were followed and city details were used on the project.
  • Janet Luehrs was Project Manager and Irrigation designer.

Project Details

Location: Santa Clara, California

Client: Gates and Associates

Reference: Kimmy Chen 925-736-8176

Project Type: Park Improvements

Services: Irrigation Design

Firm Role: Subconsultant