Presidio Parkway / Doyle Drive

Presidio Parkway Plan by Brookwater

Project Description

Presidio Parkway and Doyle Drive is located in San Francisco California and connects the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco’s Marina District. The site consists of two miles of roadway with planting on both sides and in medians. Included are parking lots, parkland, and side street plantings.

Firm Role

  • Brookwater first became involved with Presidio Parkway in January 2014 with Dillingham Associates. We did an evaluation of the points of connections that would be needed. We provided the Presidio Trust with a matrix of the 20 water meter locations noting the locations, sizes of the meters and mainline, flow rates, and pressure required for each.
  • In 2015, we started work on the design with Merrill Morris Partners. We designed the irrigation system for the entire project with most of the focus on the section by Golden Gate Bridge and the Cal Trans portions of the project. We worked closely with Cal Trans to establish their points of connections so they could begin construction.
  • In 2018, we were contracted to complete the rest of the irrigation for Presidio Trust as a consultant for Page. We are currently working on 65% Construction Documents.

Project Details

Location: San Francisco, California

Client: Page

Reference: Andrew Sullivan 415-477-5066

Project Type: Highway

Services: Irrigation Design

Firm Role: Subconsultant